Dr-to-Dr with Dr. A.

The HHV Viral Family

July 31, 2019
  1. HHV Series Viri Homology, Testing and Treatment
  • What are the HHV Viri?
  • Exposure, Testing and Cross-reactivity
    • IgM versus IgG
    • PCR
    • Lab limitations
    • Will the titers change?
  • Signs and Symptoms
    • Acute exposure
    • Chronic or reactivation
  • Multiple HHV in one person “infectious mass”
    • What is a “frequent flier”
    • How are they different to treat?
    • When should you check for other things
  • Testing versus Sn/Sx and Outcomes
    • Do you treat to lab resolution?
  • Rx:
    • Meds
    • Rx:
  • Other:
    • Effect of Mold, Atypical pneumonias, Lyme etc.
    • Mitochondria and Sn/Sx
    • Use of the “Anderson Eight” to troubleshoot


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