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Thyroid Part-1

Thyroid Part-1

June 4, 2019
  1. Why is there so much variety of opinion, theory and therapy?
  2. How to consider thyroid function within the context of the whole patient.
  3. The difference between acute therapies (often for reactive issues) versus longer term or primary thyroid issues.
  4. Do people need to “be on thyroid for life” once you start?
  5. Technical considerations:
    1. How should the system work?
    2. Why is T3 crucial to both extra and intra cellular factors?
    3. What happens in a true primary hypothyroid?
    4. How does autoimmunity complicate?
    5. What is thyroid resistance?
  6. Testing and Monitoring:
    1. Standard screening vs “Sick Patient” screening
    2. Proper prep for labs / timing / meds etc.
    3. How to assess true TSH suppression.
    4. LDH, AlkPhos, SHBG… and Thyroid
    5. Bone turnover, NTx etc.
    6. Non-Lab Monitoring
  7. Therapies:
    1. Thyroid hormones
    2. Iodine
    3. Non-Thyroid Hormones
    4. NatMeds
    5. Other
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Autoimmunity: General Concepts

Autoimmunity: General Concepts

June 4, 2019

Autoimmunity: General Concepts

  1. General Process and Testing
  2. Triggers to consider:
    1. Toxicity – Inorganic / Organic / Mycotoxin
    2. Infections
    3. Hygienic Factors (Sleep, Exercise, etc.)
    4. Stress and other Endocrine
    5. Genomics
  3. When to directly treat a trigger or when it may be too late?
  4. What if the ANA is “low-positive” / “Indeterminate”?
  5. Therapeutic Considerations:
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June 4, 2019
  1. Mitochondria
  2. How do they work?
    1. Basics of oxidative phosphorylation
    2. Respiratory chain dynamics
    3. ATP generation
  3. (Note) Most of this information excludes true mito-disease.
  4. How do they become dysfunctional?
    1. Low substrate
    2. Glycolytic disorders / Role of LDH etc.
    3. Genomic effectors beyond known Mito-Dz.
    4. Inflammation / Toxicity and other Cell Damage / ReDox
    5. Role of T3 in and out of the cell
    6. Other Hormones
  5. Can and Do they Repair?
    1. Naturally
    2. With assistance
    3. General thoughts on order of healing
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