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Adrenal Questions Part-1

Adrenal Questions Part-1

May 13, 2019

In this podcast DrA will answer the "first batch" of questions around adrenal issues.

1. How thee adrenal anatomy and blood flow dictate most function

2. How the "non pathological" dysregulations present

3. Testing

4. Order of therapeutics

5. Biological hydrocortisone dosing

Link to original webinar: https://www.consultdranderson.com/product/cortisol-rxadrenals/

Related webinar: https://www.consultdranderson.com/product/thyroid-and-adrenal-therapies-in-the-acute-or-chronic-illness-setting-pharmacology-management-and-suppression/

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Histamine Questions

Histamine Questions

May 13, 2019

In this podcast DrA will answer questions around histamine pathology and management and those questions that followed the original webinars below.

1. Signs and Symptoms beyond respiratory

-- GI, Heart, Brain, Joint, Skin...

2. Why histamine rises

3. Testing

4. Treatment ideas

Original webinars: 



Other blog posts: https://www.consultdranderson.com/?s=Histamine+Allergy 

EBV Questions

EBV Questions

May 13, 2019

In this podcast DrA will answer questions around EBV management and those that followed the original webinar below.

1. The use of Rx meds and EBV - HHV Viri

2. How to prescribe and cycle

3. Natural med's and Rx combinations (and why!)

4. Unresolved cases

-- Crossreactivity and co-infection of HHV family

-- Other opportunistic infections, mold etc.

Original Webinar link https://www.consultdranderson.com/product/ebv-diagnosis/

Other related blog posts https://www.consultdranderson.com/?s=EBV 

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